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OCVarsity 2011-12 Highlights of the year

The best plays from the best athletes of the year during the 2011-12 OCVarsity season. Video by Jonathan Khamis. Music provided by X-Y.


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Recap of the year in Orange County preps, highlighting the athletes of the year, and emotional championship celebrations. Video by Jonathan Khamis for Music by Ash Tranter.
Jun 16 2011
Highlights includes a game-winning shot at the buzzer, an alley-oop dunk, a coast to coast layup, a 35-yard air-bending goal, and more. Video by Jonathan Khamis,, 1/10/11
Jan 10 2011
Highlights include an overzealous soccer dad celebrating a goal, a game-tying goal, a mammoth facial dunk, a water polo score from half the length of the pool, and more! Video by Jonathan Khamis,
Jan 25 2012
Highlights include a stunning 30-yard goal in girls soccer, a penalty kick to decide a game, a championship in girls water polo, and an incredible 60-yard golden goal. Video by Jonathan Khamis,
Mar 01 2011
Highlights include a player converting three and1's in a game, a tricky soccer goal, a brutal wrestling pin, dunks, and more! Video by Jonathan Khamis,
Jan 16 2012