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OCVarsity Top 10: Bare-handed throw and awesome lacrosse goal

Highlights include the championship game of the Hard 9 National Classic, amazing lacrosse goals, diving catches in softball, and more! Video by Jonathan Khamis,


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Highlights include softball players who can hit and also field, an awesome spinning goal in boys lacrosse, a game-winning spike in boys volleyball, and some must-see plays from across the baseball diamond. Video by Jonathan Khamis,
May 11 2011
Highlights include a double-digit strikeout game, a home run that takes a fielder over the fence, diving catches, and an amazing defensive play in boys lacrosse. Video by Jonathan Khamis,
Apr 05 2011
Highlights include a monster home run shot, a diving double up softball catch, Mater Dei's Tyler Lamb unleashing an offensive attack, and a no-hitter thrown by El Toro's TJ Kendzora. Video by Jonathan Khamis,
Apr 14 2010
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Apr 19 2011
Highlights include one of the best catches you'll ever see, a bang bang play at the plate, a grand slam, a record being broken in boys swimming, and a Mater Dei player honored with one of the nation's best awards. Jonathan Khamis,
Mar 23 2011