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May 17th, 2012, 3:40 pm ·

· posted by CARLOS ARIAS

Finally ... IT'S TIIIIIIIIIME!!!!!

I'm billing the first ever meeting between Yorba Linda and Esperanza as Yorba Linda vs. Esperanza: The Neighborhood Scrap.

Yorba Linda, are you ready?

Esperanza, are you ready?


Esperanza ace Hayley Copeland, aka "The Matrix" because of the Neo-like movement she gets on her ball, takes to the circle first.

Taylor Townsend with a high chopper in the hole, but Espy third baseman Nicole Schroeder cuts it off and makes a fine play. One down.

Copeland does that Matrix thing and strikes out Paige Von Sprecken. Two down.

Jordan Townsend draws a two-out walk.

The Matrix gets Dana Hendry on a called third strike.

Cee-Lo Green's "Crazy" blasts from the sound system between innings. I love this song.

This is my first look at Yorba Linda's sophomore ace Paige Von Sprecken, who grunts like a martial artist after every pitch.

Bryanna Castro bloops a single to shallow left field to lead off the bottom of the first.

Kirsten Griffiths gets down a perfect sacrifice to move the runner to second and almost gets a single out of it. Wait a minute. There was an illegal pitch called by Blue. Griffiths goes back to the batter's box, but Castro stays at second. There is a meeting of the Blues to figure out the count and how many outs there are. It's 2-0 with no outs and the Blues eventually figure it out.

Griffiths ends up grounding out, but she moves the runner to third.

Castro ends up scoring from third on an illegal pitch. "We didn't come to watch you umpire," a ticked off YL fans says. I agree. Let a player play. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Maddie Roth with a bloop ... Whoa! Great play by YL shortstop Taylor Townsend to rob Roth of a single. Two down.

Von Sprecken gets called for a third illegal pitch. That's gotta be messing with her head.

Arkansas-bound Nicole Schroeder golfs one outta here, but it's a foul ball. Schroeder is having a fine season. She's batting .390 with seven bombs and 27 RBIs. Schroeder with a grounder to end the ... D'Oh! E-6!!! Schroeder is on and the inning keeps going.

Brynley "The Girl of" Steele with a towering shot deep to center field and it's ... IT'S GONE!!!! That was a two-run moon shot by The Girl of Steele and Espy takes a 3-0 lead.

Make that back-to-back bombs. LMU-bound Stephanie Maciel unloads on an opposite-field blast to right field and the Aztecs take a 4-0 lead.

The Neighborhood Scrap is quickly developing into The Neighborhood Beatdown.

Esperanza 4, Yorba Linda 0 after one inning.

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