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Football: Should O.C. all-star football game move to January? (poll)

January 15th, 2013, 5:30 pm ·

· posted by DAN ALBANO,

I attended an organizing meeting today for the annual Brea Lions O.C. all-star football game, which will be played this June 28 at Orange Coast College. It will be the 54th edition of an well-run and well-followed game for charity.

The game is a summer classic but how about moving it to early January? That's when all-star games such as the U.S. Army, Under Armour and Semper Fidelis play.

My main reason for moving the game is to attract more top county players to the O.C. classic. The schedules of the top college-bound players don't seem to mix well these days with an O.C. all-star game positioned in the summer. So many of the top seniors depart early in the summer to enroll in summer school with their colleges or work out with their college teams. But if the O.C. game was played in January, I have a feeling more of the county stars would come out.

And it's not like the national all-star games are taking a ton of the county players. Between the three games mentioned above, I believe the county had about six representatives this year. There are so many more outstanding county players available in January to play an all-star game.

Details would need to be worked out to make the change, but I think I would be a worthy attempt. How about you? And major stumbling blocks to discuss? Post your thoughts


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